Cobia and Marlin

I went out Friday morning to anchor on a hill during a little NE blow. I found lake Chesapeake. I also found a whole lot of sharks. Little bluefish were plentiful also. Mix in with the toothy critters were a few cobia. I didn’t catch any big ones.

Sunday, we went offshore to try to catch a marlin. We had Congressman Rob Wittman working the cockpit. In his earlier life, he was a charter boat mate. He still has those skills. He picked up one of our marlin on a flatline. It was lake Atlantic out there. We caught a nice gaffer dolphin that put on a good show so I was clicking away with my camera upstairs. After our first white marlin, I checked to see what kind of shots I had gotten of those two fish. I got a no data card message. It was back home in the card reader in my computer. I have to have a spare with me…nope. The whole reason to go billfishing is to get those acrobatic fish photos. I thought abought telling the crew that we had to go back in but fearing violence I decided to just keep fishing. We had shots at 3 whites. Pulled one off, got the other two. We saw a blue marlin but did not get a bite. We were north of the Norfolk in 500 fathoms.

Two days of slick calm conditions with some fish to catch….good weekend.

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