Almost every trip on the Healthy Grin has something to do with science. We stick tags in all sorts of fish, collect tissue samples, or bring in whatever the scientists need. Often, we have exempted fishing permits allowing us to collect fish that otherwise, we would not be able to fish for under normal recreational regulations. These are photos from some of the science work.

Giant Bluefin tagged for Dr. Molly Lutcavage

Tagged White Marlin


Dr. Andrij Horodysky

John Graves and Dan Dutton Researching Blue Marlin

First Pop-Up Red

Gilad Heinisch

Dan Dutton

Cam the Scientist

Dr. John Graves

Blue Marlin Study


Dr. Graves Instructing His Grad Student

Researchers: Michael Domeier, Dan Dutton, Jason Schratwieser

Roundscale Spearfish

Doctors Graves and Harvey examine a blue marlin

Tagging Giants

Tagged Sword






















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  1. Steven says:

    I was thrown off the dock when I caguht my first marlin, and I threw my girlfriend in the drink when she caguht her first marlin. I have heard a few reasons, to include it being a ritual sacrifice. But like most traditions, it is dying out and not done as much and the origin is lost somewhere in the mist of time. I tend to think the basis is a ritual sacrifice, just like getting blooded when you harvest your first deer or having you shirt tail cut off if you miss one. Traditions we take for granted tend to be rooted in some pagan practices of old and I for one think it is a shame we are getting away from these practices (I still put a twig of greenary in a harvested deer’s mouth and smear some blood on my face when I harvest one).

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