I am not addicted

Maybe, I am addicted. I fished sunset, sunrise, and sunset again in search of a topwater bite. It resulted in 8 blow ups and each one was an adrenalin rush. They resulted in 5 hook-ups, a lost gator, and 4 caught trout. Two were regular size and there were two 27-inch fish.
With sunrise being an hour earlier, I think I can get in another trip before it is time to go to work in the morning.
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Just Another Day

Just another day. Just another massive topwater trout bite. I’m not having any fun at all.
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Sunset Bite

Three blow-ups after the sun went down. One came completely out of the water…big fish. It was still light enough and the water very clear that I could see the fish turn and come back to look at the lure. As I twitched it, it bumped it twice with his nose but did not mouth it.¬† The next fish just clobbered it. A beautiful, fat, 26-inch speckled trout.

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Spooky Specks

I went fishing with Stan again this Halloween morning. The bite was not as hot as yesterday and the average size was down. We still caught some nice specks including three over 20 inches. Today, Stan left no doubt who caught the largest trout.
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Today, I went speckled trout fishing with Stan Simmerman. It was speck-tacular. There was a period where it was literally a nice trout on every cast. A lot of fish in the 17-19 inch range. I have no idea how many we caught but we had seven over 20 inches. We each had a 23.5-inch fish but I’m sure that mine was larger. I couldn’t keep track of all of the trout but I was able to count the two puppy drum.

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After Work

Afterwork bite. Three blowups. Held onto one. 22.5 inches.

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I fished for speckled trout three times this week (so far): Sunday, Thursday after work and today. Not a lot of fish caught, a grand total of 7 trout with no by-catch: striped bass, red drum, bluefish…
Slow bite but the size has been good, all 20 inches and up: 20, 21, 22, 22, 23, 23.5, and 28.5 inches long.
Today was a single 23-inch trout. All were released.
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Before and After

Quick trip before work produced a sunrise. Trip after work produced a couple of trout. Both were 22 inches.

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Afternoon Delight

After the big speck this morning, I had to try for an afternoon bite. I got a couple.
I was very fortunate to get this morning’s speck in the net just as the hook pulled. This afternoon, I missed a couple of topwater bites and then cast a Corky in the area. It got slammed and again, I was sure it was a puppy drum. Nope, another big trout and again barely hooked by the back treble in the lip. I’m nervous and I drop the net overboard. I now know that my net floats. But now, one hook is in the fish and the other snagged in the net with the fish outside of the net…and I can’t reach the net handle. I use the butt of the rod to slide the handle to the boat so I can reach it. I flipped the net over, under the fish. This de-hooked the fish but it was now in the net…my plan all along. Luckily, nobody was close enough to see the clown show.
I picked up another fish on topwater. I went trout fishing twice today and I only caught 4 fish total but they were: 20, 21, 23.5, and 28.5 inches long. I’ll take that.
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Speckled Weekend

Friday, I fished for specks with Stan Simmerman. We caught a bunch of small ones, some nice ones, and lost some big ones. Stan lost a really big speck by the boat. Before Stan tells you that he caught the three largest trout, just know that I caught the largest puppy drum, bluefish, striped bass, and houndfish (9 inches or so). Back at it again tomorrow in my boat so I will know where I am. Stan took me someplace I’d never been to before. He still hasn’t told me where we were.

I fished Saturday morning with Stan. We did not do much. I hooked two fish. One was a nice one, the other was big. I lost both. This morning, I ran back to try again. I caught a nice one, and a big one. The “dink” speckled trout was 20 inches. The big one was 28.5 inches. Both were topwater explosions but the big fish took 4 blow-ups before hooking up. I was sure it was a drum. I didn’t get nervous until I first saw the fish. Then, I was sure that I was going to lose it. When I finally got it to the net, it came unhooked. Being lucky is good. The fish weighed in at 7.6 pounds.

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