I received a text from Stan Simmerman last night. He said he was going for a half-day trip in the morning and to be at his house in the dark. It turns out that Stan’s half-day looks a lot like a normal person’s full-day of fishing. It was a lot colder than our last trip and the bite had really cooled off also. We did manage to boat 11 trout. No citations this trip though we had number 20 plus inches with the largest at 22 inches. All were tagged and released except for one that decided to leave Stan’s hands prior to receiving a tag.

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Lucky Day

It was too windy to go fishing so we went fishing. The luck of the Irish was with us but it is always lucky to get to trout fish with Stan Simmerman. First cast, I got hit and hit again. I didn’t get that fish but there were others to follow. For the first couple of hours, I was getting a bite almost every cast. It was a heck of a morning. Stan said we should have started an hour earlier. It was pretty much done by noon. The bite, not the wind. That was still going strong. We missed fish, pulled off fish and landed 19 nice trout. The smallest was 16 inches. Stan will be the first to tell you that I caught that little fella. We caught a bunch over 20 inches including three large enough to earn citations. I will be the first to tell you that the largest was caught by me. All of the fish were tagged and released. It was their lucky day too.

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I went after specks this morning. I caught 5. If I was not sticking tags in them, I would have thought that I was recatching the same fish. All males, 19 inches except for the runt of the litter that was 18.5 inches. I also caught a striper. Didn’t measure it but I’d guess…19 inches. I lost at least as many as I caught. I’ll never be a real speckled trout fisherman…all of the photos of me holding fish have been deemed inappropriate for posting by real speck anglers.

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Chub and Bass

Did the sea bass thing today with Hunter Southall, Stan Simmerman, and Johnny Boyd. There was a rather impressive sunrise on the way out. We kept our 60-fish limit of big sea bass and released a plenty. We also caught 8 tautog.
He will tell you if I don’t. Hunter was the hot hand today. He caught 5 of the 8 tautog (I caught the other 3) and while we all caught plenty of sea bass, Hunter caught the most of those also.
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I went speckled trout fishing with Stan Simmerman today. Trout fishing with Stan is great. He knows where the fish are, he does all of the work, and he lets you catch almost all of the fish. I guess that is something I should do when I take people fishing in my boat…if I was as nice as Stan.
We missed bites, we lost hooked fish, but we did manage to land 17 fish. Two were puppy drum that we tagged and released. Stan did catch the largest of those.
Of the 15 speckled trout landed, 7 were over 20 inches long. All of those were tagged and released. Three were long enough for release citations with the largest at 26.5 inches. There was almost a fourth citation at 23.75 inches. Stan let me catch 6 of the 7, including the two largest but he did manage to catch one of the citation fish.
We kept three 18-19 inch trout to eat and released the rest.
Now, not that anyone is counting but I believe the final count was 14-3. Would have been 15-3 but Stan would not let me count my shad.
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I ran out to the Triangle Wrecks with Johnny Boyd this morning. We caught tautog. We kept some, tagged and released some, and caught four that already had tags in them. The largest weighed 10 pounds on the Boga Grip. I had another that was almost as large.

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Today’s Specks

I went fishing with Stan Simmerman today. We targeted speckled trout. We had some bites and caught a few trout and a couple of puppy drum. We missed some bites and pulled off some fish including something I couldn’t control and we gave chase with the boat until the hook pulled. We tagged trout to 22 inches and drum to 18 inches.


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Today’s Trout

Caught a trout this morning. Got up in the dark, looked fine out the window so went before I could see how much it was blowing. Hooked 4. Lost 3 including a larger fish. The one I managed to tag and release was 21 inches long. water temp 46.

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Wintertime Specks

Stan Simmerman took me to one of his wintertime speckled trout areas today. We caught a couple of puppy drum and a handful of speckled trout. Three of the specks were over 20 inches long with the largest at 23.5 inches long. All fish were tagged and released.

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Two Bites

I went back out after speckled trout this morning. My second cast got slammed. A nice speck inhaled the Mirrolure and was bleeding from the gills. I put it in the livewell to see if it would recover. It did not. Much later, my second bite was a nice perch. That was it, no other bites.

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