Morning Trips

Yesterday, I did a quick trip before work. The haul sein operation was working. I caught a little bluefish and 5 houndfish. Pulled off a puppy drum and another not-houndfish of some species.
This morning I made a trip to the reef. Caught an eagle ray and broke my rod. Bishop Fishing Supply has already replaced it. I caught a nice sheep, didn’t catch others. Caught a flounder, several tautog and a black drum all before lunch. I also got to watch Hunter Southall and a just retired Charles Southall along with a long retired Steve Martin catch a few sheep and some gray trout. It was Steve Martin‘s first ever sheepshead so I got to watch an historic event.
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Made a quick trip this morning before work. Saw a pretty sky. Lost a nice trout, caught a couple of houndfish and puppy drum.

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Another Good Morning

No trout today…just very aggressive houndfish. The sheep came out to play again. Caught 3 and a surprise triggerfish. I have heard of them being caught inside the bay but this was a first for me. Back home for lunch.
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A good morning today

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Tagging Cobia

Ran out for a little chumming this morning. Missed a few, caught 4 cobia all about the same size.

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Sheepish Monday

I ran out to try for a sheepshead today. Stopped in the shallows for sunrise. Caught a houndfish. Went on out and tried for a sheep. Caught one at 25 inches. Saw a cobia but did not get a cast on it. Overall, I was pretty pleased with my morning until I started getting texts from Hunter Southall and Mike Hurst. They were after sheep also but did some sight-fishing while waiting for better conditions. They had their limit of cobia then I started getting sheep photos…like a countdown, until they had their sheep limit also. I did pick up another sheepshead and a couple of black drum to finish out my day. Good way to spend a Monday.

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Hit the shallows before the sun. Each time that topwater gets hit, I’m startled. Think that I would learn to expect it. Held onto 3 pups this morning out of numerous bites. Fished for cobia once the sun came up. Caught five….four little ones and one at 47 inches. After the evening storms passed through, I ran back out after the topwater bite and caught another pup.

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Happy Birthday

My birthday was this weekend and I celebrated by going fishing…because it is not like I celebrate every single weekend by going fishing. Started out in the shallows with Stan Simmerman on Saturday. We caught puppy drum and houndfish. I do think we had some speckled trout bites but we caught puppy drum and houndfish. When the sun came up, we moved to structure to try for sheepshead. We caught tautog…28 of them. All released with tags; 23 with new ones, 5 with the tags they already had in them.
Sunday I went back out after sheepshead in Hunter Southall’s boat. We fished the CBBT and caught more tautog. When the storms started to threaten, we ran closer to home to try some wreck that Hunter had found. First drop and I got slammed. I was sure that was the sheep. It was another tautog. A big old tog. They are following me around. I have never caught one that big up in the bay before. Maybe the old-timers used too…oh, that is starting to hit close to home.
Hunter had me stand on the other side of the boat so that the shore would not be visible in the photo. This was smart on his part because after that lost tautog, I had a really good oyster toad bite going. Never want to give up a secret toad wreck.
Back to work this morning but not before another sunrise trip. Caught more houndfish.
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Saturday morning I went with Hunter Southall to try for a sheepshead. Hunter is a Marine Patrol Officer. Soon after we got to the CBBT, Hunter’s phone started going off. This was the first time I’ve had a trip cut short due to a police emergency. We did manage to catch some tautog before Hunter had to make the run back across the bay. Sunday morning, I went cobia fishing with Charles Southall and Stan Simmerman. We went to area where Stan and David Brabrand had caught 14 cobia the previous morning. It was a different morning. We missed some and tagged and released 3 small cobia. David was next to us and he caught 2.

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Memorial Day Weekend

Fished every morning. Did not go far and I was home for lunch each day. Tagged and released most everything I caught except for some puppy drum when that bite got really hot and I wanted to get casting again as soon as possible.
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