Big Red

Stan Simmerman and I fished Fisherman’s Island this morning. We tagged and released two big red drum and had a few other bites. The breakers moved away from us as the tide fell so we came on in.

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No big ones

caught keepers but no big ones on this trip.

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Today’s Tog

Stan Simmerman and I went to catch some tautog today. We caught nine up to 15.5 pounds. Most were keepers but only the one big tog.

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Today’s Tog

Wes Blow and I left my house dark and early this morning. We were met by a very bright UFO which turned out to be a Space X rocket launch. Beautiful ride to the wreck and things started out fine. I caught 3 tog and a sheepshead while Wes caught some sea bass and an oyster toad. I did not say a thing which those that have togged with me may not believe. No, “that’s OK, I’ll catch your limit for you”, or, “are you ever going to put a fish in the box?”. I’ve fished with Wes enough to save that stuff to the end. Good thing as his first tog of the day turned out to be our biggest, 13.5 pounds. My biggest, we did not even take a photo of, was maybe 8 pounds. Really nice ride back in until we hit some chop in the bay.
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Good Old Days

We ran out for sea bass today during the special February season. It was just like the good old days. Fish were abundant and large. We had a 4-person limit by 8:30 AM and made it home by lunchtime. We also caught some bluefish. The head boat got there not long after we did. As we headed in with our catch, we passed through a small fleet of boats headed to the wreck. I think everyone caught all the sea bass they wanted. We did briefly stop on a couple of wrecks on the way in to try for tautog. No tautog, just some small sea bass but we did not try long. Gorgeous half February day on the water.
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January Sheep

I fished a wreck outside of the light tower yesterday for tautog. I was using clam for bait. Sea bass like clam and that is what I caught. Mostly small but with enough that would have been keepers that you could have made a catch of them. I moved to a wreck inside of the light tower. I caught more sea bass, again with some keeper-sized. I’m sure the offshore wrecks will be the place to be for the February sea bass season but the inshore wrecks are still holding some. I did catch tautog, cunner, puppy drum, and sheepshead. Forty-five-degree water and I caught sheepshead. I did not catch anything big. Well, the conger eel, it was huge but everything else was small.

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New Year Rock

I got up this morning and walked down the dock. I found that I still had a few live eels in the cage. Maybe enough to give it a try. Glad I went. There has been a really large class of fish this winter. Pretty day on the bay.


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Cold Toes

Ran across the bay this morning. My toes were cold. It finally felt like rockfish season. First fish was on before I got the spread out. Ended up catching three. None like the fish I caught last weekend but up to 47 inches long. I may wear boots next time.

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Big Rock

I went eeling. Actually, caught one small enough to keep…but let it go anyway. Then there was one saved by regulation. An honest 54 inches long and thick. The heaviest I have personally weighed is 55 pounds. The heaviest on my boat is 57 pounds caught by Charles Southall…a story he likes to tell. Charles caught one in the 60s while fishing on the Top Notch. I was right beside him when he caught it, fishing with Stan Simmerman. We didn’t catch anything. Another story for Charles.
I have had two in the 60-pound class. One was on the Marc VI while filming a show with George Poveromo. Television saved that fish. The other was with Charles, fishing on the newest Special Kate. Another regulation release. Today’s fish was larger than either of those. It was a struggle lifting the net out of the water and a struggle picking it up for a photo and release. I release almost all of the fish I catch but I would have kept this one. A personal best that I don’t know what it weighed. She swam away strong. I guess the regulation is a good thing…I guess.
So back at it tomorrow? Not exactly. Sighting of big bluefin tuna close in. Chasing after giants in the morning.
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Wrecking Weekend

Snuck out in the fog Friday. Caught limits of tog and sea bass and snuck back in. Caught one sea bass that had been tagged already. Tagged a handful of tog.
Sunday, fished a different wreck. Kept a limit of sea bass and 10 triggerfish. Tagged a small trigger and sheepshead. Two of the triggers weighed over 4 pounds. Had a sunfish hanging around for a bit.
Most impressive, were the massive conger eels and oyster toads. No photos were taken of those.
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