Thursday Fishing

We caught a baby sheepshead and lost two others at the boat. Stan got a big sheep to the surface but broke it off. We caught a handful of tautog, one that had a tag in it. We caught 3 nice puppy drum and went 1 for 2 on big drum. Small sea bass were numerous. It was a nice Thursday on the bay.

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Healthy Grin

The Healthy Grin has been sold. She is not going far. She will be back in Rudee Inlet soon with the new name: Bill Buster. Please be kind to her and her new owner. I hope she brings him as much joy as she brought me.
For decades, I have had the “big” boat and the “little” boat. I need to get used to calling it just the boat. The new Healthy Grin is a 23 SE Parker from Dare Marina. I don’t know if I’ll get another “big” boat but for now, I am loving the Parker.
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Dock Fishing

Looking at the wind forecast for the coming weekend, it is looking like a lot of fishing from the dock. I walked out there tonight. Caught a nice catch of shrimp in a single throw of the net. Average size was 4 inches or so. There seems to be no trout too small to eat any size shrimp. Aggressive little dudes. My “lunker” for tonight was all of 11 inches long and fat…probably full of shrimp.

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Labor Day Weekend

I was supposed to fishing offshore yesterday on the Special Kate with the Southalls. Friday, while Charles and I chummed for “massive” cobia during a NE blow, we checked the forecast for Monday. It passed the “it probably won’t kill us” test. It failed the “will it be fun?” test. I’m not sure where that second test came from…wiser?…just older? Anyway, Charles cancelled Monday’s trip.
I figured to be just fishing from our dock the rest of the weekend. That is what I was doing Sunday night. Throwing the net, catching shrimp, putting shrimp on a hook, catching baby speckled trout one after another. There was not a breath of wind. I went up to the house and told Tricia that I’m not going tomorrow but that if she wakes up and the boat is gone, I went anyway. I went.
The bay was not bad. It did get sporty in the ocean. It did not kill me and it was fun…back is a bit stiff today. Trolling the oceanfront, I caught false albacore, Spanish mackerel, ribbonfish, and cobia. Pretty sunset and the bay glowed blue after nightfall. Every whitecap was glowing and my wake was on blue fire.
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More Pups and Specks

I had planned on fishing the oceanfront today. Yesterday, I hit the flats after work with peeler crabs that my wife had picked up for me from Grafton Fishing Supply. Instead of getting just the half-dozen that I asked her to get, she bought every peeler they had…good wife. Not wanting to let peelers go to waste, I fished the flats again today. Fish were still there. I caught a handful of speckled trout and a bunch of puppy drum up to 23 inches long.

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Ran out to the flats to turn shrimp into drum. Peeler was actually the best bait. Bigger class of pups this afternoon. Tagged fish from 20 to 25 inches long.

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Cobia and Specks

Trolled plugs along the oceanfront. Tagged and released 3 cobia. Back home, caught shrimp and turned them into perch and trout.

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Reds and Cobia

Trolled the oceanfront yesterday. Tagged and released a couple red drum and a cobia. Did not get a king bite. Those trolling for Spanish and sight-fishing for cobia in the area did well. Lots of bait, birds working, surface feeding fish.
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Turning shrimp into pups

The shrimp made a showing at our dock last night. I went out after work today to try to turn last night’s shrimp into today’s puppy drum. It worked for the most part. It turns out that other things like shrimp too. The spot and croaker bite was strong. I did tag and release some puppy drum up to 21 inches and managed to make it home before the thunderstorms.

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Tagging Pups

We had a VMRC meeting today. I don’t think we did anything too controversial. After the meeting, I slipped on out to the flats. I tagged and released puppy drum until I ran out of peeler crab.

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