I fished with Stan Simmerman this morning. We caught 2 ribbonfish, a puppy drum, a gray trout and good number of smallish speckled trout. No gators today but good action on a windy morning.

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On Top

Had some topwater action this morning. Held on to 3 trout up to 24 inches long.

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Went after trout for a bit this morning with Stan Simmerman.We did not do anything with the trout…a few topwater blowups, a couple of hook ups that we did not land. A school of puppy drum livened things up.

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Morning Tautog

I went out to catch my morning sheep. I caught a morning tautog.

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Ran out to the reef for the sunrise. Caught a big sheep. Back home in time to feed the dogs their breakfast.

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Jimmy Buffett

I woke up this morning to the news that Jimmy Buffett had passed. Both of our children were born to his music. “First Look” was playing when Cameron Neill was born, which we thought was appropriate. The song playing when Casey Ann Neill was born was “Livingston’s Gone To Texas” which is where she moved right out of college.
Tricia Neill is in Michigan visiting our first born.
I fed the dogs and cats, got in the boat, and turned on SiriusXM Radio Margaritaville. Watched the sunrise, caught some fish, and remembered some of our Buffett concert experiences that our children will never hear about.
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Net Man

I went speckled trout fishing with Stan Simmerman this morning. It soon became apparent that I was just there to net fish for Stan. He caught trout up to 24.5 inches long. I did have a huge trout on for a while that turned out to be red drum. I didn’t catch that fish either as the hooks straightened after a long fight. To give Stan credit, he did stay out there until I was finally able to catch a few. It was rather embarrassing for most of the morning. The final was 10 caught trout plus some other trout and drum encounters that were not as successful.

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Morning Trout

Fished for speckled trout the past two mornings. Yesterday in my boat, today with Stan Simmerman. Some topwater bites first light. Caught a couple each morning, lost some. Then the bite stops. Early morning feed.

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Ran the flats this morning. The haul seine boats were working. Had one topwater bite that did not come tight. Caught a couple of black drum on the reef. Pulled off a couple of other fish that felt like sheep. Back in for lunch.

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Drum and Trout

After sitting through 4 days of fisheries meetings, I needed to get back on the water for a reminder what it is all about. I did a little flats fishing and a little reef fishing. I caught trout and drum. I lost a big speckled trout but I held onto a full-grown red drum on my little sheep rig. Fishing is better than talking about it.

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