Norfolk Canyon

We ran out to try for a swordfish yesterday. We spent a beautiful night at the Norfolk Canyon without any bites. We had dropped some mackerel rigs down to try and get some tinker mackerel for swordfish baits. We caught blueline tilefish and sea bass. This morning, we went on the troll and some good action. Bigeyes blew up on us and we held on to one. The leader was up a number of times. My angler was spent. I’m not sure he’s recovered yet. The tuna seemed fine and the hook eventually pulled. We had a number of visits by white marlin. While dropping back pin-rigged, chin-weighted, skirted ballyhoo on 50-wides with the clickers on, we managed a 100 percent failure to hook-up rate. Laughing their tales off at us, a couple of marlin got sloppy and managed to hook themselves. There seem to be plenty of billfish around to target them but as long as these tuna hang around, everyone wants them. We did catch a couple of nice yellowfin and a few gaffer dolphin before calling it a day before noon. The marlin catchers were newbies and went swimming back at the dock.

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