A King

We were going to do a day swordfish trip yesterday but decided to stay inshore and try for a king mackerel instead. The swordfish bite has been good and some nice kings have been caught. It was slick calm and there was a lot of life along the beach. We hooked up as soon as we put some plugs out. It was a cobia. Not big enough to gaff but those plugs in a net are a mess. I told the guys to net it or to just open the tuna door and drag it in. While thinking about it, the cobia made another run and they managed to break it off. Well there went that plug. Put the boat in gear and we’re hooked up again. Another cobia… no it’s the same cobia now with two plugs. I got both my plugs back. We saw flying fish, a couple of big manta rays, and we did catch one small dolphin. We caught all the ribbon fish we wanted. Schools of false albacore were busting the surface. We caught plenty of those. We weren’t cobia fishing but we did see some. I had a group of 8 following a jig I had cast to them but they didn’t bite. We did catch another cobia on the troll. We did manage to catch a single king mackerel. The fleet caught a number of them and a 50 pounder was weighed in. Ours was a bit smaller than that. A 300 pound bigeye was brought in from offshore and a boat who did go swordfishing yesterday texted us photos of the 3 nice swords they had caught out of 5 bites.

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