I went speckled trout fishing with Stan Simmerman today. Trout fishing with Stan is great. He knows where the fish are, he does all of the work, and he lets you catch almost all of the fish. I guess that is something I should do when I take people fishing in my boat…if I was as nice as Stan.
We missed bites, we lost hooked fish, but we did manage to land 17 fish. Two were puppy drum that we tagged and released. Stan did catch the largest of those.
Of the 15 speckled trout landed, 7 were over 20 inches long. All of those were tagged and released. Three were long enough for release citations with the largest at 26.5 inches. There was almost a fourth citation at 23.75 inches. Stan let me catch 6 of the 7, including the two largest but he did manage to catch one of the citation fish.
We kept three 18-19 inch trout to eat and released the rest.
Now, not that anyone is counting but I believe the final count was 14-3. Would have been 15-3 but Stan would not let me count my shad.
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