Happy Birthday

My birthday was this weekend and I celebrated by going fishing…because it is not like I celebrate every single weekend by going fishing. Started out in the shallows with Stan Simmerman on Saturday. We caught puppy drum and houndfish. I do think we had some speckled trout bites but we caught puppy drum and houndfish. When the sun came up, we moved to structure to try for sheepshead. We caught tautog…28 of them. All released with tags; 23 with new ones, 5 with the tags they already had in them.
Sunday I went back out after sheepshead in Hunter Southall’s boat. We fished the CBBT and caught more tautog. When the storms started to threaten, we ran closer to home to try some wreck that Hunter had found. First drop and I got slammed. I was sure that was the sheep. It was another tautog. A big old tog. They are following me around. I have never caught one that big up in the bay before. Maybe the old-timers used too…oh, that is starting to hit close to home.
Hunter had me stand on the other side of the boat so that the shore would not be visible in the photo. This was smart on his part because after that lost tautog, I had a really good oyster toad bite going. Never want to give up a secret toad wreck.
Back to work this morning but not before another sunrise trip. Caught more houndfish.
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