A Week’s End

I spent the last couple of days wreck fishing inside the bay and trolling along the oceanfront. The nights, I fished from our dock. Sea bass were a problem at times but I did manage an impressive catch of oyster toads. Some were real drag pullers. I caught some other stuff: sheepshead, tautog, pufferfish, pigfish, pinfish, porgy, flounder, bluefish, king mackerel, red drum, perch, speckled trout, and gray trout. Nothing big…other than the toads. I did have a Mola mola hooked up briefly. I caught 3 tautog that already had tags in them…fish we had tagged a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to start naming those fish. There was a good amount of bait and I saw a number of whales, as many as a half-dozen at a time. It should be a good whale-watching season.

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