More Sheep

Stan and I went back out yesterday to the place we had caught the fish the day before. It was not pretty; rough and rainy. More importantly, the fish were not biting. We only managed 2 toadfish. We did catch a few sea bass and a couple of tautog. It was really slow and we came back in early. I was not going to fish today but when I got up this morning, it looked calm and not raining too much. Well, it was still dark so I really couldn’t see, but it sounded ok out there, so I went. It was a¬†good morning. Still, only caught 1 toadfish but I caught pufferfish, pigfish, sea bass, a few tautog, a black drum, a red drum, and a sheepshead. I was back home for lunch. Everything was released except for the sheepshead. It will be dinner.

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