Fishing Weekend

I think we may have been the low boat out there Saturday. The bite was around the 850 line, basically offshore of the B Tower. There was 73 degree water in 40 fathoms holding wahoo and some tuna. Out at 100 fathoms, there was 76 degree water holding tuna and some wahoo. Even a few billfish were caught. There was a finger of 67 degree water between the warm water areas. Boats caught fish in the cold water also so I guess fish were all over. A few boats headed in early with limits of yellowfin. There were some weedlines and floating stuff where boats, who wanted them, caught dolphin. We targeted wahoo. We caught a nice one and managed to not catch a handful of other wahoo bites. We did catch a yellowfin. The best boat I heard of had a limit of yellowfin and 7 wahoo.

Well, this evening I went out on my dock where I knew I would be the top fish catcher. Netted some shrimp and used them to catch speckled trout and perch. When I left the dock, a great blue heron landed in his nightly fishing spot. I swear I could hear him laughing at me.

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