Fishy Stuff

This past Saturday, we did a very short inshore trip. We caught some very nice Spanish mackerel along the oceanfront. We broke off our one king mackerel…don’t ask. We managed not to catch any of the cobia we saw…really don’t ask.

Sunday we went marlin fishing. Keeping in theme, we didn’t catch any. We did catch skipjack, dolphin and a couple of yellowfin tuna including the first ever for Taylor Simmerman.

Tonight, I had dinner with two IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame members: Dr. John Graves and, all the way from Australia, new inductee Dr. Julian Pepperell. John pointed out that we were three IGFA Conservation Award holders.

We solved striped bass, menhaden and all other ASMFC issues. We moved out into the Atlantic and fixed all ICCAT species and then moved on to the Pacific. The food was good, the world-wide fish tales were better.

After dinner, I went out on my dock and caught a bunch of speckled trout, silver perch, and shrimp.

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