Slow Day

No trophy rockfish, citation-sized tautog or sea monsters from the deep. Yesterday was much slower than our last several trips. We spent most of the day on the Triangle Wrecks. Obviously not knowing the secret spot, we caught very few tautog. Actually, the total was 5 and I see no reason to report that Steve Martin caught 4 of those. Cod seem to be getting bigger and Wes Blow caught out 2 largest so far. Still not the big cod that they have up north but a nice bycatch on a slow tog day. Never saw another boat all day. We did make a side trip offshore to the Ocean Venture to see if we could get a tog out there to eat our crab baits. We caught some big sea bass that were let go. It was so slow that Wes actually kept (and ate) a spiny dogfish. He said it was not bad.

Dr. Ken Neill, III
IGFA Representative

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